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A whole building solution

SEBR offers a flexible and modular solution that integrates technologies covering all energy needs of buildings, including water and air quality, and monitored through a single platform.

How it works

Highly performant technologies

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on the roof and the exterior envelope of buildings.

They harvest the energy to be used in the building, which is then stored in batteries, making it into a self-sustainable or nZE (near Zero energy) building.

In addition, the building envelope is improved with insulation, lights replaced with LEDs, efficient HVAC systems installed, water usage reduced, smart domotic systems installed and saving tips to end users provided, allowing to drastically reduce the building’s energy consumption.

SEBR will combine a set of technologies based on the building to retrofit:
Insulation (building envelope)

Improves thermal comfort of users while reducing energy demand

Renewable energy production (PV, batteries, wind…)

Harvests energy from the sun and if possible, wind

Heating and cooling solutions

Very demanding in terms of energy, we work with the most recent technologies available, de/centralised HVAC depending on building type/use

LED lighting

Reduces up to 40% of the energy required for lighting

Energy storage solutions

Provide energy accumulated during the day at night,  it can be fully programmed with peak savings

Smart management of energy flows

This SaaS platform can accommodate all signals and crosslink them considering weather forecasts, helping facility managers make decisions based on statistical data

Hot domestic water solutions

Hot water accounts for about 20% of energy demand in buildings. With increasing water scarcity, we encourage savings by raising awareness and changing behavior habits

Indoor air quality

Key for a healthy environment as many of us spend 90% of our time indoors

EV charger

Compulsory for public buildings in 2022


Why choose SEBR for your retrofit?

As a consortium made up of providers, we ease the retrofit process for building owners and managers: a single interlocutor to implement a variety of solutions.

We co-design the solution with users to ensure it addresses their needs and expectations. We propose and select the best fit and calculate the return on investment for each item proposed.

The technical solution we offer is complemented with in-depth training for the facility managers and operators. In addition, education activities for building users are planned to foster behavior changes, which play a key role in achieving savings.

Lower emissions, lower bills

We reduce the energy demand of buildings by 20-40%, reducing water and energy bills.

Tailored retrofit to your needs

Our solution is an easy plug and play installation that can be tailored to different types of buildings, with varying configurations and uses.

Easy maintenance and monitoring

A single platform allows visual monitoring and guarantees optimisation, operation and maintenance for facility managers, easing the process.
They can look into any 2 parameters to find a correlation between them.  This enables decisions based on data, not intuition, and eventually, small trial and error changes, that lead to a perfect balance between savings & user comfort.

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