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About SEBR

SEBR (Smart Energy Building Renovation) is a consortium of 6 European organizations that came together to respond to a competitive tender initiated by the European-funded project procuRE.

The building sector is Europe’s largest energy consumer, accounting for 40% of the EU energy consumption and for 36% of CO2 emissions today.

To reach Europe’s target of carbon neutrality by 2050, it is necessary to accelerate retrofitting since 35% of the building stock in Europe is more than 50 years old and 75% of it is energy inefficient. Today, only about 1% of the European building stock is renovated each year.

An increasing number of cities, regions and other owners of major building portfolios wish to achieve 100% renewable energy supply (RES) in their buildings. However, they are faced with barriers such as individual constraints to adapt each building, provision of supply and storage, optimization of operation and integration of solutions across technologies, lack of information and knowledge.

Currently, there are no adequate products on the market that can deliver a 100% renewable building without undertaking invasive measures to its envelope.

SEBR solutions is tackling this challenge by offering integrated solutions with the most adequate and performant technologies, easing the process for building owners and managers.

Who we are

Defcon8 is an environmental company that helps save water and energy in buildings with real-time feedback.

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LANCEY democratises energy storage with its smart radiator embedding a battery, pushes renewable energy integration and savings on the energy bill. Learn more

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Mondas is a high-performance, IoT-data analytics platform for cross-field technical monitoring of building supply technology.

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ITeC, the Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology Foundation, carries out research, design and development of technology-based products and services for the construction sector.

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CIFE offers educational and research programmes in energy transition to international students with a multicultural background – thus forging the new generation of actors committed to transforming the energy system.

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Three o’clock is an innovation agency that is specialized in communicating, promoting and raising awareness of scientific and technical projects and companies.

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