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As part of the European-funded procuRE project, SEBR was selected, along with 2 other consortia, to design, develop, and test an innovative renovation approach capable of delivering 100% renewable energy supply to any existing non-residential building. The renovation approach will be tested in demonstration sites of the 6 public procurers in the project.

3 phases in the project

SEBR has successfully passed into Phase II.

During Phase I and Phase II, we adapt, extend, and apply our renovation approach to generate Renovation Packages for six specific buildings across Europe (3 schools –in Nuremberg (Germany), Velenje (Slovenia), and Vila de Gaia (Portugal), an office building in  Barcelona (Spain), a university in Istanbul (Turkey) and an airport terminal in Eilat (Israel)).

During these two phases, we apply a co-design procedure to facilitate information exchange and engage with the users of the buildings.

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