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SEBR brings its training session for teachers to Vila Nova de Gaia

Last Wednesday, May 29th, the SEBR team organized a training workshop at Manuel António Pina School in Vila Nova de Gaia, where we are renovating and implementing technologies to reduce the building’s energy consumption and emissions. Aimed at teachers, the workshop showcased the new technologies implemented in the building, explained their benefits, and explored strategies to effectively use them to improve energy efficiency and minimize emissions.

The session began with an explanation of energy-efficient technologies and their benefits in reducing emissions at the school. Participants noted the potential value in repeating the session to further explore the importance of the project.

As part of the project, a 2×1 m² solar panel has been placed at the school entrance to make everyone aware that the school is now primarily powered by solar energy, replacing the existing grid. This visible commitment to sustainability serves as a daily reminder of the school’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Additionally, SEBR prepared various educational materials, such as toys, brochures, and videos, to enhance the learning experience for both educators and students. Some of these included solar-powered cars, a brochure with tips for children to contribute to energy savings, and a children’s book explaining global warming, which were well received, prompting requests for more similar materials.

The school has demonstrated a strong commitment to the project, recognizing the importance of sustainability in education. The administration is dedicated to creating an environment that not only incorporates advanced technologies but also educates and inspires students to understand and adopt sustainable practices. This commitment is reflected in the efforts of Manuel António Pina School teachers to integrate a sustainable curriculum and instill positive e-habits in younger generations.

In response to the school’s wish for more and further engagement, this workshop will be complemented by an additional online session before the summer.